Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Best Cervical Decompression Treatment India at Affordable Rates

The surgical procedure involving the removal of structures compressing the nerves in the neck is medically referred to as Cervical Decompression Surgery. The surgery is mainly performed to reduce the pain in the neck caused due to degenerative disc or the herniated spinal disc. In this procedure, a small section of the bone is removed, which is compressing the nerve root in the neck, and this reduces the excessive pressure and enables the root of nerves to heal biologically. 

Cervical spinal stenosis is the common reason for performing Cervical Decompression Surgery in patients. This is a condition where the spinal cord or opening of vertebrae in the neck is narrowed. If this narrowing is extensive, then it may cause severe compression of the nerve root, resulting in severe pain, lack of coordination and balance, inconsistency and neck stiffness. The Cervical Decompression Treatment India involves the surgical procedure to alleviate neck pain by removing the structures compressing the nerves in your neck.          

Learn More About Cervical Decompression Treatment India!

Cervical Decompression Treatment India involves the surgical procedure to provide patients optimal relief from neck pain. The surgical procedure involves removal of the small section of bone compressing the root of the nerve, and this helps in reducing the unnecessary pressure and enables the nerve root to heal quickly. The fragments of materials from the spine, which are lodged into the nerve root are also removed in the surgical procedure. 

When the structures of bone compressing the nerve root are larger, it may adversely impact the stability of your spine. This calls for a cervical fusion surgery, which is performed along with Cervical Decompression Surgery. This combination of surgery focuses on correcting the instability of the spine permanently by fusing vertebrae collectively, and this helps in preventing it from moving. The fusion surgery is not recommended when the Cervical Decompression Surgery is minimally invasive as the structure tends to stay intact in minimally invasive surgery. There are different types of Cervical Decompression Surgeries that are performed in India today. This includes:
  • Foraminotomy – The procedure makes larger space in foramen to alleviate pain and pressure on compressed nerves
  • Laminotomy – Surgeons create a hole into your lamina to make additional space and alleviate pressure on nerves
  • Laminoplasty – Incision on both sides of the lamina is made to relieve the neural pressure
  • Corpectomy – This procedure is prescribed when stenosis is harming more than one disc.
  • Microdiscectomy – This is a minimally invasive surgery performed with a small incision in the neck to remove a section of bone overlying on the nerve root and causing pressure. 

How Much is the Cervical Treatment Cost in India?

The Cervical Treatment Cost in India is relatively lower than other developing nations. The cost of Cervical Decompression Surgery is USD58, 000 in the USA, whereas patients only need to pay around USD10, 000 in India for Cervical Decompression Surgery. 

Even the cost for cervical fusion surgery in India is extremely affordable, which ranges from $8000 to $9000.   

Final Words!
Foreign patients who are looking for best in class cervical decompression treatment must visit India to get the low cost and world-class treatment at best hospitals.