Monday, April 29, 2019

Hair care tips when you are pregnant?

The moment you become pregnant a lot of changes are expected in your body and this extends to even the hair. Some good amount of hair can be felt during these 9 months that could be lustrous and you are in a space that you have never been before. Use of ketoconazole shampoos in India would be a worthy option at this juncture.

What can be expected?

The phase of hair growth takes place in three phases, active to rest and then shredding. In each of these phases you are expected to lose around 100 mg of hair. Once pregnant because of the presence of hormones a shift in the growth cycle of your hair is witnessed. A trend that is observed that the hair becomes thick and even the diameter of your hair goes on to increase.
Let us now explore some natural tips to take care of your hair during pregnancy

Keep away from chemical treatments

Do not color your hair during pregnancy as the colors would absorb on to the scalp and this could pass on to the baby in the womb? In addition, coloring could lead to allergic reactions. So experts are of the view that pregnant women should stay away from bleaching, perming and coloring of hair.

Regular trimmings are a must

Once during pregnancy, you should opt for regular trimmings on a regular basis. Just because you are bound to experience good hair growth during this juncture does not mean you would not be dealing with the issue of split ends. In order to ensure proper growth of your hair, it is necessary to trim down your hair a couple of times in a year.

Choice of a good quality shampoo

Always resort to the use of an anti-dandruff Shampoo ketoconazole India. This enhances hair growth and promotes healthy growth of your scalp. By use of this shampoo, you can have healthy hair.
The shampoo is incorporated with all ingredients that promote proper hair growth and prevents the occurrence of dandruff. Always opt for a gentle anti-dandruff shampoo that can promote healthy growth of your hair.

A conditioner

In addition to shampoo, it would be better if you invest in a conditioner. This forms a protective layer of the hair and makes it soft and easy to manage. Apart from the conditioner, you can go on to purchase a serum that can be left on the damp hair for the much-added shine and protection. There are a lot of serums in the market, so always opt for one that is chemical free and has natural ingredients.

To conclude it is better to experiment with your hairstyles when you are pregnant. This would make you feel a lot better. Do keep away from hairstyles that pull your hair or make it too tight such as ponytails or buns. Cutting down on stress during pregnancy is not only important for your hair but even for your overall health during pregnancy.