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Are your eyelids puffy? Do you have dark circles under your eyes? No matter how young is your age, dark circles can make your appearance look pale, tired and older. It is believed that people who sleep late at night get dark circles. There are other reasons associated with dark circles under one's eyes which you will come to know in the following lines. Everyone wants to have a flawless skin which has no spots and patches. If you are going through the issue of dark circles, then you probably must be using various cosmetic products to cover the dark circles. Still, you are not able to get rid of the ugly dark patches under your eyelids. Try out Badam Roghan Oil which is an optimum solution for erasing dark circles under your eyes in a few days. How effective is the Ayurvedic almond oil? Let us find out in the next lines.

What triggers dark circles? 

It is generally believed that fatigue can be a common cause of getting dark circles under your eyes. There are other causes which trigger the problem of dark circles such as heredity, certain allergies, eczema, irregularities of pigmentation, natural aging, exposure to sunlight and rubbing eyes. As you grow older, the skin under the eyes loses collagen and blood vessels which are reddish-blue in color tend to be more visible. As a result, you eyelids become hollow and you get dark circles under your eyes.

Remedies to eliminate dark circles 

  • Try out cold compress therapy. Wrap a few cubes of ice in a cloth and pat the cold compress under the eyelids for 10 minutes. Use cold compress a couple of times in a day.
  • The more you sleep at night, the less you get dark circles under your eyes. Make sure to sleep seven to eight hours every night. 
  • Using extra pillows under your head can lessen the problem of dark circles. 
  • Safeguard your face from sunlight. Hence, use an umbrella whenever you step outside your place in the day. 
  • Almond oil is packed with vitamin E which helps in reducing dark circles under the eyes naturally. Apply Badam Roghan Oil for dark circles which you will get in the online healthcare store. 

Incorporate Ayurveda 

Ayurveda has always been a boon for people who are suffering from skin problems and other health-related ailments. Almond oil is a part of Ayurveda and is packed with Vitamin E and a good source of copper, magnesium and phosphorus. Roghan Badam Oil has all the natural properties which will work best in combating against free radicals and removing dark circles under the eyes. Get a pack of Roghan Badam Oil from the online healthcare site at a budget-friendly rate. 

Use the multipurpose oil

Aside from dark circles, if you have dandruff or your hair is lacking the lusture, then the use of the almond oil can give you good results. Badam Roghan oil for hair is ideal for all age-groups. Apply this oil on your scalp to eliminate dandruff and get shiny and bouncy hair in return. 

Follow the method of usage properly to erase dark circles and dandruff effectively. Order the product online now to have an impeccable skin and healthy hair. 

Sunday, August 25, 2019


It is said that the word lily was derived from a Greek word “leiron" which generally meant to refer the Madonna lily. The Lily is known as the real Lily, which is part of the Genus Lillium. Many other types of flowers are also known as lilies, but they are different from the part of this Genus. For example, water lily, calla lily, and day lily. Many times Lily is also associated with the story of Hera and Zeus. It is further told that these stories led to lily production.

If the myths are to be believed, Zeus wanted that Hercules who was born from another woman, drink the milk of his wife, Hera. However, she did not agree with that. One day, while Hera was sleeping, Zeus brought Hercules to drink the milk of his wife, but she woke up and pushed Hercules away of her. The drop of milk spilled from his mouth and grew into lilies.

Meaning of Lily

Lilies are usually associated with sanctification and devotion. And Lily is also hardened by rebirth and attachment to her land. Unlike most other flowers, the perennial Lily never truly goes dormant. Lily has made its particular place in the culture of the world and by its uniqueness, beauty, and strength. If you want to know what flowers bloom in May than Lily is a perfect example.

Let’s Try To Understand What This Flower Indicates

Lily flower is mainly known for its strength & beauty; however, it is also recognized and symbolized for some of the other great things as well. I am listing out some of those below.

  • Lily is widely known for its royalty
  • It also symbolizes motherhood and fertility
  • Since Lily is not quickly faded, it is known for its beauty of youth and purity
  • Lily knows how to stand out in several flowers. It also means a passion for staying firm in difficult situations
  • The plant of Lily is not quickly declined, and if it does, it incarnates itself again when the time is right. Hence it is widely known for renewal, and it’s rebirth ability

Lily Symbol And Color

Lilies are found in many colors, out of which white is the most famous one. Moreover, Lilies are more red, yellow, orange, white, and jubilee colors, which are known for it’s the specialty.

The white Lily is always a symbol of virtue and purity and innocence. It was a symbol of the untouched Mary's integrity and the role of the queen of the angels. It is said that she became very popular, which added the value for which a white lily is known.

Types and properties of lilies
Perennials that bloom spring to fall, the orchid color lily is associated with a devotion which is part of the 30 anniversary. Often people name girls after being inspired by this flower. Lilies are circumcised for many animals, including cats. It is a very fragrant flower that is used to make perfumes or other aromatic ingredients. These flowers bloom during summer. Lilies are used to treat many types of disease. For example, Kia is done for stomach disease, fever, and related diseases of women.
Lily has always been a symbol of beauty, love, and being calm; you can sand this flower to your love all around the world. There are various flower delivery worldwide service provider who does this job entirely. 

Friday, August 23, 2019


Skin care evolves a series of systematic procedures that you need to follow at your own end.  But in following the procedures you need to take stock of some pointers

Flip through the expiry dates
From serums to face masks you need to be use products before they go on to expire. Before even using a fast scar removal facewash you need to check out their expiry date once in a month. With the sultry moisturizers, left overs does mean that you can use it. If it appears to be a traditional product you can scoop it with your own fingers. By this method the possibility of bacteria or contaminants is reduced and after 6 months you can even think of discarding the use of such products.

Self-check your skin
Monthly you need to inspect the spots on your skin that needs the check of a dermatologist. The key is how to understand the method of self-exam.

The things you need to hand over to a dermatologist

Chemical peels: Chemical exfoliation is something that you can try, but chemical peels are not something that you need to try at your home. Are you aware of the fact that glycolic acid goes on to because photo sensitivity that can even last up to a month on your skin. This would be at a low concentration. Taking into consideration high concentration along with the risk of chemical peels a suggestion would be to undertake peel process under the able supervision of a skin specialist.

To squeeze and pop out the clogged pores: All of us have been part of such a situation before, when you wake up in the morning and a blemish waves at your reflective surface. It would be really tempting to zit it but does not. Wait for 36 hours and figure out whether it shrinks or get in touch with a dermatologist.

Diagnosis of skin and treatment
Yes you can resort to the use of skin care products or creams over the counter, but self-diagnosis or treatment could prove to be worst. In fact you end up damaging the skin. If it is a small scarring, the use of a scar removal face wash might be considered ok.

Till the point of time you have had severe acne or some form of skin cancer, the chances is high that you might not thinking of scheduling an appointment with a dermatologist. Though insurance is a medical condition very rarely it is covered by any insurance company. The net result is that we are forced to bear the expenses from our own pocket.

To sum it cleaning you skin is something that you need to enjoy. Even you should be feeling good while you do it. By following the above tips you do provide the skin a sense of confidence that you are enjoying.  This ensures a healthy and proper skin all round the year. Before the use of any skin care products check out the expiry dates.


Liver transplant is one of the most complex surgeries performed on a human body. Apart from the complexity of the procedure, other things that question the process of undergoing the treatment is the cost. It is one of the most expensive therapies that cost around 1,20,000 dollars in countries like the US and the UK. Most of the patients give up on the thought of transplantation, keeping in mind the expenses.

But, the Liver Transplant Expenses in India are very affordable. It is approximately one-third of the price of treatment in any other country. The cost of surgery usually differs from one patient to another. It is because of, the cause of the liver disorder, and accordingly, the procedure of treatment varies. No two patients can have an exactly similar medical condition. So, the patients can get the personalised quote for their surgery by consulting the surgeons for organ transplants. 

Estimate Cost of Liver Transplant in India and the Factors Affecting the Price of Transplantation:

The starting cost of liver transplantation in India is USD 33,000. However, it is not a fixed cost but a variable one. Before deciding the cost of treatment for a particular patient, the surgeons analyse the overall health. 

Let us know the essential factors that play a significant role in determining the average expenses involved in availing liver transplantation.

Cause of Liver Disease:
The liver disorders in the patient can be a result of varied reasons. Also, the signs and symptoms of the disorder can vary in the sufferer. So, the procedure followed for the recovery of the disease is different in patients. The method to accomplish treatment procedures involves variable expenses. 

Accordingly, the price of liver transplantation may increase or decrease.

The medical condition of the patient:
Before performing the surgery, the patient has to undergo several screening procedures. Also, if the patient has a medical history, the doctor suggests retaking the diagnosis process if the earlier disease has subsided entirely or it can be a problem during the transplantation.

The cost of a liver transplant is more for patients with disorders in other organs in comparison to those suffering only from liver disorders.

Choice of Treatment Centre and Surgeon:
Every surgeon charges variable starting from the consultation to the surgery. The difference in the cost may not be much in case of routine discussion, but, if it is about transplantation, the price can vary considerably. Also, there is a difference in the cost based on the choice of hospital. The cost of per day stay in the hospital is not standard for all. Some hospitals charge high, and it can be comparatively low in a few others.

Despite of considering all the factors affecting the cost of a liver transplant, it is possible to avail the Best Liver Transplant in India that too at a minimum possible cost. Keeping all the facilities for medical tourism and treatment available in India, almost 1 billion patients are travelling from different parts of the world. 

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Are you a coffee lover? Then this post is for you. Here we are going to discuss some of the significant health risk and benefits associated with it. According to several studies, more than 2 billion people all around the globe are drinking coffee daily. Generally, people think that drinking coffee only brings freshness and energy, but it also brings good health.

The regular consumption of it reduces the chance of heart disease, cancer in the liver, helps in the few neuron related condition, and many other such as metabolic disorder like diabetes. This article is entirely focused on the health effect of pour over coffee.

Advantage Of Drinking Coffee

Diabetes is one of the significant problems in the world and the masses of people suffering from this metabolic disorder. According to a study drinking coffee on a regular basis lower the chance of type 2 diabetes. This study was conducted in 2004 on 48,000 people. Result of other research conducted in 2017 exhibited that people who consume 4-6 cups in a day have less chance of getting the metabolic disorder.

It not only protects you from type 2 diabetes but also reduces the change of heart failure, liver cancer, infection in the liver, and others. Coffee also has some nutritional value which may impact our lives. A typical black coffee (if you drink without milk or cream) is low in calories only 2 calories, which can be beneficial in case of weight loss. Although adding milk or cream in your coffee increases the calories value of your coffee.

The beans of coffee contain antioxidant polyphenols, which can help you to get rid of the free radicals present in the body. The free radicals are the type of waste produces by your organization. The free radicals are dangerous for your body because it may lead to inflammation and various aspects of metabolic disorder due to the presence of antioxidant in coffee neglect the harmful effect of the free radical.

Risk Associated With The Coffee

If you consume it in higher concentration regularly, than it also possesses several side effect on your health. Here is the list of few risks associated with it:

Pregnancy Loss
According to the report of the several researchers, consuming too much coffee during pregnancy should be avoided because evidence shows that it may lead to the pregnancy loss, premature birth, and a baby with low body weight.

Higher Risk Of Bone Fracture
The result of several studies exhibited that women who are drinking more amount of coffee have a higher risk of bone fracture but in the case of men, it lower than women.

Leads to the Mental Condition
There are few evidence which suggested that the drinking of too much coffee in adolescence may lead to a permanent change in the brain. In childhood, drinking of coffee should be avoided.

Coffee contains several ingredients; thus, it is tough to find out the actual effect of drinking coffee. But it is strongly recommended to drinking coffee but makes sure about the ingredients added in the coffee. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2019


The surgical procedure involving the removal of structures compressing the nerves in the neck is medically referred to as Cervical Decompression Surgery. The surgery is mainly performed to reduce the pain in the neck caused due to degenerative disc or the herniated spinal disc. In this procedure, a small section of the bone is removed, which is compressing the nerve root in the neck, and this reduces the excessive pressure and enables the root of nerves to heal biologically. 

Cervical spinal stenosis is the common reason for performing Cervical Decompression Surgery in patients. This is a condition where the spinal cord or opening of vertebrae in the neck is narrowed. If this narrowing is extensive, then it may cause severe compression of the nerve root, resulting in severe pain, lack of coordination and balance, inconsistency and neck stiffness. The Cervical Decompression Treatment India involves the surgical procedure to alleviate neck pain by removing the structures compressing the nerves in your neck.          

Learn More About Cervical Decompression Treatment India!

Cervical Decompression Treatment India involves the surgical procedure to provide patients optimal relief from neck pain. The surgical procedure involves removal of the small section of bone compressing the root of the nerve, and this helps in reducing the unnecessary pressure and enables the nerve root to heal quickly. The fragments of materials from the spine, which are lodged into the nerve root are also removed in the surgical procedure. 

When the structures of bone compressing the nerve root are larger, it may adversely impact the stability of your spine. This calls for a cervical fusion surgery, which is performed along with Cervical Decompression Surgery. This combination of surgery focuses on correcting the instability of the spine permanently by fusing vertebrae collectively, and this helps in preventing it from moving. The fusion surgery is not recommended when the Cervical Decompression Surgery is minimally invasive as the structure tends to stay intact in minimally invasive surgery. There are different types of Cervical Decompression Surgeries that are performed in India today. This includes:
  • Foraminotomy – The procedure makes larger space in foramen to alleviate pain and pressure on compressed nerves
  • Laminotomy – Surgeons create a hole into your lamina to make additional space and alleviate pressure on nerves
  • Laminoplasty – Incision on both sides of the lamina is made to relieve the neural pressure
  • Corpectomy – This procedure is prescribed when stenosis is harming more than one disc.
  • Microdiscectomy – This is a minimally invasive surgery performed with a small incision in the neck to remove a section of bone overlying on the nerve root and causing pressure. 

How Much is the Cervical Treatment Cost in India?

The Cervical Treatment Cost in India is relatively lower than other developing nations. The cost of Cervical Decompression Surgery is USD58, 000 in the USA, whereas patients only need to pay around USD10, 000 in India for Cervical Decompression Surgery. 

Even the cost for cervical fusion surgery in India is extremely affordable, which ranges from $8000 to $9000.   

Final Words!
Foreign patients who are looking for best in class cervical decompression treatment must visit India to get the low cost and world-class treatment at best hospitals. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2019


Online consultation is one of the major things that are provided by the healthcare sector. This is because it is felt that consultation can have a great impact on the sector. Consultation, in reality, has provided to be a great help to hundreds of people suffering from different ailments. 

Consultation is a very convenient option for international patients. In medical tourism, consultation plays a very important role. Other than the convenience that medical consultation provides to international patients, there are also other benefits of it. The benefits of consultation for international patients in the field of medical tourism are as follows:

Helps In Getting Quick Medical Advice

Through consultation, the patient can get prompt advice on their health issue. The consultant takes the complete information of the issue and then chalks down the course of treatment. International patients often try to find solutions that are affordable as well as better than they receive in their own country. 

Through proper medical consultation, they can get knowledge of what they can do to cure themselves of the issue. In the medical consultation, the patients get to know about the issue at hand and the things that they need to take care of to recover.

Available At All Times

The best thing about online consultation is that the patient can get help at any time. There is no time bound like for physical consultations. Patients can put in their consultation request at any time and then get the desired results. 

This is good for international patients since there is a time difference between different countries. 24*7 medical advice is beneficial in case of emergencies. If a patient requires immediate consultation then they can get it immediately. The doctors present will be able to instantly provide them with the answers that the patient requires.

Digital Input of Medical History

Online consultation becomes easy as you can put your medical history digitally while asking for a consultation. The digital input would be saved under your account and can be accessed in future times as well. Moreover, you will know what information to provide about your medical history. 
The patient data is managed in a very proper way and this becomes great storage for the future. International patients do not have to give their medical input every time that they ask for a consultation. The data can be accessed any time by the doctor and they will be able to give the proper treatment.

No Geographical Constraints

In the online consultation, the whole process is carried out digitally. This means that the person can be based in any area and seek consultation. Many health consultants provide free consultation for international patients. These consultations are done in a prompt manner so that international patients can know their health status. 

Only after the consultation would the patient book their flights to come physically for treatment. The consultation is given digitally after the patient lets the doctors know about their issues and history.
Elawoman.com provides free consultation for international patients from the best doctors.